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Restaurant & Lounge


When you can settle for Japanese

About Us

"Don't Settle for Less," 


KAI Restaurant & Lounge is an urban dining experience inspired by contemporary Japanese cuisine with a twist of vibrant Latin delicacies. A beautiful and sensual menu, impeccable service and a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere. KAI is located at the heart of the capital city, Abudhabi, WTC Mall

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The bar offers an exquisite range beverage menu, including a set of well-crafted cocktails, a finely curated wine list and a champagne selection, making KAI the perfect spot for fantastic evening cocktails and a trendy atmosphere that redefines fancy dining.

 The venue will transform into an electrifying entertainment hangout destination, delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for diners and guests alike.


Innovative and
Exquisite Cuisine

Culinary finesse with fresh ingredients comes together in every dish served. Be it salads, sushi, ceviche or main courses; you’re in for a night to remember.

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